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Thread Lightly

Held in collaboration with Mother Earth, we bring to you Thread Lightly, the seasonal drop everyone's been waiting for.

Whether you're a fast fashion lover or a vintage enthusiast, you can shop our collection of 100% free facts. 


The Truth About Fast Fashion

Fast fashion stores often churn out shirts that could go for as low as $5 and jeans that may only set you back $10.

How do they do this? You may not want to know, but it's crucial we find out. Here are 3 reasons why you might want to rethink your next fast fashion purchase.


Is Fast Fashion Racist?

A vast majority of the garment labour are people of colour and onlookers are quick to accuse Fast Fashion brands of racism, ignoring the crucial roles of capitalism and the long-term impacts of systemic racism that must be explored. 

In this opinion piece, we discuss the role of race and its effects on the labour rights issue faced by many fast fashion brands.

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