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Toxic River Skirt


My green may look exquisite, but you should've seen the colour of the river I was dyed in. Mixed with mercury, lead, sulphur and more, you can say I was basically made from toxic.


Mountain of jeans


What can I say? I'm just another pair of trendy, tattered jeans. Buy me now and soon enough, I'll end up reunited with my other friends in the world's most crowded living quarters–the landfill.


Super absorber jacket


As my name suggests, I am really good at absorbing. I guess I was really thirsty, you know? Always needing water to replenish my energy and grow me from a mere cotton plant to hundreds of jackets. 


Steam on me jacket


I am one angry person. I was told that for my whole life, from birth to adulthood, I was seething C02 emissions. Needless to say, I'll definitely be called in to the climate court for contributing to global warming.

Super Flaky Bomber


What's more flaky than the friend who cancelled on you three times in a row? Me. I'm made of plastic (polyester actually, but they're almost the same thing), and you can count on me to shed tons of microfibres after every wash.

Barely there dress


Barely there, just like the land of trees they had to clear to make me. I wasn't around yet, but I've heard stories of the cries the trees wailed when the bulldozers ran them over. To this day, I have nightmares of the day that happened. Brrr.

Didn't find something you liked?

Meet the limited edition drop. 100% Sustainable.


The BB (Buy Better) duo 


We'll teach you how to be more sustainable with your buying habits. Hear what we have to say and you'll discover how to buy better.


Discard Better Tees


Hang with us and you'll know exactly what to do with clothes you no longer want. Click 'Learn more' to discover how to discard better.

*This collection is a satire piece aimed at raising awareness of fast fashion issues, and how we can take steps to be more sustainable in fashion.

We are not affliated with any brands. Clothes featured are strictly not for sale. 

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